Monday, December 31, 2018

Special post from, Part 3

Many of you know that I was blessed to be chosen as one of eleven winners of the Guideposts Writing Contest in 2014. That blessing took me to Rye, New York for a week-long class to learn how to write for Guideposts Publications. We had lengthy, intense sessions with many of the New York Guideposts editors, and we became part of the Guideposts family during that precious week. It was truly a blessing and dream-come-true to learn how to write inspirational stories for a magazine that I've enjoyed for years.

I enjoyed sharing some of my nature pictures recently at I'd like to share a couple of those shots and thoughts below, and I'll share more on another day. I would be honored if you check out the entire slideshow here

Please enjoy a couple of God's masterpieces below and thanks in advance for visiting the Guideposts website to see the others in my collection. 

Life Lessons Learned from Nature (Part 3)
by Julie Lavender

Five-lined Skink

A skink has the capability to ‘drop,’ or break off part of its tail when attacked by predators. The still-wiggling tail distracts the predator and the tail-less skink escapes. Eventually, the skink’s tail grows back, though it sometimes struggles with balance issues while tail-less.
The skink teaches me that troubles that wound me in life don’t have to get the better of me. I can cast that off, rejuvenate, and move on to bigger and better things….leaving my tormentors staring at my tail in confusion!


Chipmunks enjoy a buffet of food sources, like seeds, grains, nuts, berries, mushrooms, insects, small frogs and lizards, and sometimes bird eggs. The adorable rodent, however, has an equally-long list of predators!

I think what I can learn from the chipmunk is two-fold. I can and should broaden my likes – try new things, enjoy lots about life. And secondly, to recognize my mortality. I need to live life to the fullest because I never know when that tasty acorn could be my last!

Thank you, God, for your stunning creations! You are the awesome creator-God. Your masterpieces amaze me continuously, and I delight in learning the lessons you teach me with your handiwork. 

Psalm 104:24 (KJV) 
"O, Lord, how manifold are thy works! In wisdom hast thou made them all; the earth is full of they riches." 

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