Friday, January 25, 2019


My guest blogger is my online friend, Patty Schell. Patty blesses my site today with a post about her walk with God....and her dog Skipper. Please read her words below and then jump over to her website, "A Full Life." You'll love her words, and she sprinkles some delicious recipes in her writings. A most recent one sounds quite fitting for a cold, winter's evening: Corn and Cauliflower Chowder. 

Walking Lessons from Skipper: Sometimes You Just Want to Be Carried
Just a short walk before dinner we said when we pulled into the campground. We had been in the car all day and a little stroll before dinner would do us good. We leashed the dog and set out. Two hours and almost four miles later we finally made it back to our camp spot . . . exhausted.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Special post from, Part 4

Many of you know that I was blessed to be chosen as one of eleven winners of the Guideposts Writing Contest in 2014. That blessing took me to Rye, New York for a week-long class to learn how to write for Guideposts Publications. We had lengthy, intense sessions with many of the New York Guideposts editors, and we became part of the Guideposts family during that precious week. It was truly a blessing and dream-come-true to learn how to write inspirational stories for a magazine that I've enjoyed for years.

I enjoyed sharing some of my nature pictures recently at I'd like to share a couple of those shots and thoughts below, and I'll share more on another day. I would be honored if you check out the entire slideshow here

Please enjoy a couple of God's masterpieces below and thanks in advance for visiting the Guideposts website to see the others in my collection. 

Life Lessons Learned from Nature (Part 4)
by Julie Lavender

Golden Orb Weaver
The golden orb weaver crafts a web with shimmering yellow silk that glistens in the sun, attracting insects, large and small. The snare that ends the life of many an insect is constructed with beautiful gold threads.
The lesson I glean from the golden orb weaver is that not everything that glitters is good for me. Sometimes, the pretty things in life can be a trap to ensnare me.

Monday, January 14, 2019

My guest blogger today is K.A.Wypych. She's another friend I only know through social media, but I thoroughly enjoy reading her blog posts and I know you will, also! Read below about her hike with God and the lessons she learned while hiking. Then visit her website for more of her insightful and inspirational posts. 

Soul hike: Am I on the right path?
By K.A. Wypych

Ever traipse in a circle wondering, “Am I on the right path?”

Sunday, January 6, 2019

by Julie Lavender

My walk today was later than usual and it was an unusually warm afternoon, even by south-Georgia standards, for a January day.

The bright sunshine was a welcome change from the rainy days we’d recently had and my mind drifted away from prayer time with God and dabbled with thoughts of New Year’s plans and goals.