Friday, August 31, 2018

 Guest Blogger

My guest blogger today is Debra DuPree Williams. Debra and I recently returned from the North Georgia Christian Writers Conference, in Toccoa, Georgia, where we mixed and mingled with new writing friends and familiar writing friends and some stellar conference presenters. (And Debra won an award while there for a poem she submitted! How awesome is that?)

Please enjoy reading her blog about fall that first appeared on her site,

Visit her website for more of her work - you'll enjoy her writing, just like I do! 

Thursday, August 30, 2018

by Julie Lavender

A recent trip to Amelia Island, off the coast of northern Florida, led my path across the sands of Fernandina Beach. 

Just above the waters’ edge, sea oats grow prolifically, just like they do along the eastern seaboard all the way up to Virginia and along the coast line of the Gulf States.


by Julie Lavender

On my walk with God today, I spotted the long-necked and beautiful Anhinga. 

Sometimes called a Snakebird because of the way it swims with its whole body submerged except for the neck and head, the Anhinga typically feeds on fish, but will sometimes eat snakes and small turtles.

by Julie Lavender

Often my walk with God lends itself to a lesson from God’s nature that I can’t miss, like my recent Anhinga post. Who can miss that large bird with his wings outstretched?

But more often than not, I find God’s lessons in the itty-bitty. Like today.