Thursday, May 31, 2018

by Julie Lavender

I hurried out the door on my walk this morning with the items on my to-do list flitting about in my head. Pick up my mom and get to niece’s graduation before all the parking spots are gone. Order a bridal shower gift and pick up the paper goods for next week’s shower. Make a grooming appointment for two too-furry furballs. Bake brownie treats for college kids out for the summer.

by Julie Lavender

I took a different path on my morning walk today that led me past the ditch in our back yard. A couple of ladybugs, or as my biologist husband would correctly identify them, ladybird beetles, caught my eye and I looked closer at the weeds growing near the water’s edge.

Aphids. Lots of them.”

Wednesday, May 30, 2018


My guest today is Katherine Pasour, a writer friend I only knew via the cyber world, until we met in person last week at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference. And what a delight that was!!! We chatted over mealtimes and at author signings and before worship was such fun to meet, in person, someone I'd come to know and treasure as a friend through emails and social media. Though I love this cyber world of knowing people, there's nothing like face-to-face communication! 

Katherine, an author and wellness-advocate, writes at I especially liked her blog below, and I thought it fit perfectly with my theme of glimpses of God from His amazing masterpieces. I hope you'll visit her site - you won't be disappointed! Enjoy! 

The old is gone, the new is here! 
by Katherine Passour

Do you love Spring?
I enjoy almost everything about Spring--the warmer temperatures, beautiful flowers, birds singing in joyful chorus, and the smell of fresh cut grass.
Then there are the new, green leaves...

Thursday, May 24, 2018

by Julie Lavender

This week’s walk with God led my feet along mountain paths at Ridgecrest, North Carolina, where I attended the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference. The lodge where I slept – only a few hours per night because I was pondering POV and marketing and fresh angles and such – had the moniker, ‘Mountain Laurel,’ named for the exquisitely beautiful shrub native to the Eastern United States, but not often seen in my neck of the woods in south Georgia.

Before I left the retreat center, I set out on a prayerwalk and found several mountain laurel shrubs displaying God’s glory.