Saturday, August 17, 2019


Please welcome my guest blogger, Adria Wilkins. I first met Adria at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference, and her JOY was evident with the first introduction. Her smile is never-ending, and her kindness extends to everyone around her. It's no wonder her newest book is entitled, The Joy Box Journal.

After suffering the unthinkable - the death of her son, three-year-old Blake, Adria found that Jesus sustains, and evens surprises His followers with joy. She shares that "joy" with readers in her book that just released in late July. 

Read her post below about a tender moment with her married kids' dog, then check out her bio and more information about her delightful book. 

Sunday, August 11, 2019

by Julie Lavender

On a recent afternoon at our family riverhouse, my husband and I paddled downstream and wandered along the banks in a couple of places. One of my favorite shrubs along the water’s edge is the buttonbush.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Please welcome my guest blogger, Judy Ducharme. I first met Judy in Rye, New York in the fall of 2014 when both of us were blessed to win the Guideposts Magazine writing contest. We joined ten other winners and Guideposts editors for a week-long, trip-of-a-lifetime in our writing journey, informative conference that taught us the ins and outs of writing for Guideposts publications. Judy and I have enjoyed staying in touch via social media, but we've had the pleasure to see each other face to face at several writing conferences since that time, too. 

Please read Judy's blog below about God's creations, check out her bio and book information following the blog, and be sure to visit her website and keep up with her on social media. You'll enjoy her work as much as I do!!  

Godly Grandeur – Perpetual Creation
by Judy DuCharme

Have you ever considered that our grief over the tragedies in our schools and world reveal the heart and purpose of God? Not the event, not the tragedy, but the grief. God's purposing for life is hard-wired into our very being.

Saturday, July 27, 2019


My guest blogger today is Dr. Roy Lucas. I first met Roy and his wife, Veda, at the Kauffman's Enrich conference last fall. (Go here to find out about the 2019 Enrich conference.) What a delight to meet the Lucas couple! Both are writers; how 'bout that? And both were so encouraging and inspiring, about the Word, writing, and just living this life in a godly way. I think you'll enjoy his words below, just as much as I did! Please join our conversation, and then check out his website for more of his words! 

Go to the Ant
Proverbs 6: 6-8

            Trudging up the side of Tel Gezer in Israel proved to be more than a mere walk. I served among the members of the Tel Gezer Archaeological Survey Team in June of 2016. The steep hillside of Tel Gezer is surrounded by farm land with productive fields and orchards, and other untended sections.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

by Julie Lavender

A small flash of metallic green catches my eye as I head out for my walk with God. Closer inspection reveals a tiger beetle darting amongst the blades of grass in search of food.

Named for the ravenous eating habits of both the larva and adult, tiger beetles eat spiders and an assorted menu of insects. And, boy, can they move!

Monday, July 15, 2019

by Julie Lavender

My walk with God began early enough today that the dew still clung to the grass. That’s not always the case, which made me take notice of the splotches of spit that also clung to many blades of grass in my front yard.


Sunday, June 30, 2019

by Julie Lavender

I love watching the fireflies this time of year! It’s fun to watch their twinkling lights at dusk. 

Fireflies, sometimes called ‘lightning bugs,’ are found on every continent except Antarctica. They like warm, humid places and only come out in the summertime.